The Hessler Log Cabin

Split rail fence and road to Hessler Log Cabin
Black and white photo of old white farmhouse
Dougherty Mission House open in the summer. See Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society website link below.
Old log church with grass and bushes
Log Church in the village of Old Mission.
In addition to visiting Mission Point Lighthouse, you can also visit the historic Hessler Log Cabin, which was originally built between 1854 and 1856 by Joseph and Mary Hessler, pioneers  who likely arrived by small boat from Mackinaw.  As so many of the early pioneers in America, the Hesslers were essentially squatters, and had to obtain citizenship before officially owning the land they built on. They did so on March 18, 1859. On June 11 of that same year, the Hesslers received a land warrant, the next step in the process of land ownership. The final step was to apply for a US Patent Deed, which he did, and which was signed August 15, 1861 by President Abraham Lincoln.

In those early days of home construction, the white pine and hemlock timbers were snugly dovetailed at their joints to keep out the cold winter winds. The couple lived in their home for about ten years, and later it was used by others as both a small barn and during the 1950’s and 1960’s, living quarters for cherry pickers. Eventually, the house was declared historic and moved to Lighthouse Park for visitors to learn from and appreciate.

Now, every year on the third Sunday of June, people can come to Lighthouse Park to enjoy Log Cabin Day. Those who visit on this day
will be able to step inside the log cabin, to sample food cooked on an open fire by “pioneer women,” and see many other fascinating tools
​of the home and farm from the turn of the century. The Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society maintains and operates both the Hessler Log Cabin and this event; much appreciated donations go toward the continued restoration of the cabin. See the link below to get more information about the Dougherty Mission House and Log Church in the village of Old Mission.

For more information about the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society or Log Cabin Days in June, please visit the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society.