Comments from Visitors

Every year tens of thousands of visitors make their way to the northernmost part of Old Mission Peninsula. 
By driving the picturesque M-37/Center Road they pass acres of various fruit orchards, rolling hills, vineyards and hops fields. Once reaching the end of the road they find our quaint little lighthouse with surrounding land to explore. Our guests take in the views of the water and beach then relax with the quiet of the woods. Many venture inside the little lighthouse to learn some history in the museum, visit the gift shop and climb the stairs to the top (for a small fee). We enjoy sharing the many favorable comments with everyone cherishing this Michigan treasure and hope you all appreciate these too.
Beautiful Place any time of year.
- February 2020 - Google Review

A great experience in any season.
- February 2020 - Google Review

Very beautiful and historically interesting property. The lighthouse was closed but the area was spectacular.
- January 2020 - Google Review

Mission Point Lighthouse is at the end of the Mission Peninsula. A scenic drive to this lighthouse makes one wonder what an isolated and difficult life the Lightkeeper must have endured.

The Lighthouse itself is small, but rich in history. There is a small gift shop and museum. Admittance to the main area is free. If you wish to climb to the very top there is a nominal fee ($4).

There are benches overlooking a Sandy Beach and water. Great place to rest and reflect. Mission Point Lighthouse is a wonderful place to visit!
- November 2019 - Google Review

Worth the Drive  The drive from Traverse City to the tip of Old Mission (about 25 minutes) offers gorgeous, hilltop vistas of hills and valleys and water -- and is worth taking just for that. Exploring the Lighthouse museum and a nearby historic cabin shouldn't take too long, so some visitors take advantage of a group of fairly flat, wooded trails of varying lengths accessible from the parking lot.
- November 2019  TripAdvisor

Beautiful lighthouse.  Worth your time to travel all the way to see the lighthouse! Halfway to the North Pole. Gorgeous views and a beautiful lighthouse! $5 will let you view the 2nd floor and climb up into the light. Stay as long as you like to explore the beach and take in the beauty of the location. Highly recommend! 
- October 2019  TripAdvisor

A restored lighthouse with beautiful views of Traverse Bay.  It's at the tip of Mission Point. It was built in the mid-1800s. Very attractive water and views of the opposite shores of Grand Traverse Bay. There's a beach area there as well. Within the lighthouse is a small museum. You can take the stairs to the top of the lighthouse tower. It's $4 per person. Worth the visit. 
-  August 2019  TripAdvisor

Great lighthouse experience, wonderful people, beautiful scenery.   Midwesterners are noted as being the friendliest in the nation and Mission Point does not disappoint. The individuals who were tending to the lighthouse building/museum/gift shop were very friendly and welcoming, we felt right at home. It's a tight squeeze to gain access to the top of the lighthouse, but so worth the effort. Kids, especially, will love the experience of a "treehouse" feel, adults can appreciate the efforts made to maintain the service of a lighthouse. One can imagine what it was like for the lightkeepers to climb up each time to access and maintain the light. What an honor that must have been for any light keeper.Beach is beautiful, relaxing. Great photo opportunities for that family trip!   
-  July  2019  TripAdvisor

Beautiful Place.  A nice drive from Traverse City. A quiet beach to enjoy the view of the lighthouse. You can even have a picnic lunch while enjoying the view. The keepers are very friendly. My family had a great time. 
- July 2019 TripAdvisor

Mission Point Lighthouse.  Very beautifully maintained and landscaped. The cabin on site is interesting to see how people would have lived back then. The grandkids loved wading and looking for shells and rocks.
- June 2019 TripAdvisor

Amazing view!   This quaint lighthouse had the most wonderful couple overseeing it, they were very knowledgeable and so pleasant. Nice small beach area and the view from the top of Lake Michigan is breath taking!
- May 2019  TripAdvisor

Nice old time lighthouse, great view of Lake Michigan. Nicely kept old time lighthouse, great views of crystal clean Lake Michigan. NIce gardens around the lighthouse, nice sandy beach. Enjoyed the drive up the peninsula to get to the lighthouse.
- May 2019  TripAdvisor

Fun piece of history . . . This was an interesting place to go check out. My wife and I loved seeing how well maintained the grounds and the lighthouse itself are.This would be a great place for some evening pictures with the sunset over the water. This was a fun fun stop on our trip.  Visitor
- October 2018  TripAdvisor

Great Stop!  The drive up here from Traverse City is lovely...beautiful scenery and lots of little farm stands along the way selling apples, pumpkins and other fall delights. The lighthouse itself is small and charming with some great water and woodland views. I also really enjoyed all of the hiking trails heading out from the lighthouse area...more good water and forest views. 
- October 2018  TripAdvisor

Cute, quaint lighthouse. There is a paved path to get to it, so even my grandfather in a wheelchair could see it. Clean, peaceful beach with stairs down to the sand. We saw a proposal happening at sunset while we were there! So beautiful! 
- July 2018  Google Review 

Gorgeous beach, stunning view. Crystal clear water. Simply amazing 
- July 2018  Google Review
Very nice lighthouse with a view. You can even go up in the light housing on top to get a great view. 
-  June 2018  Google Review 

On the tip of Old Mission Peninsula . . .  It's a great ride to the end of M-37, with stunning scenery, farm stands and restaurants. And did I mention the world class wineries? The Lighthouse is a short easy walk on a paved lane. You can visit the Lighthouse and enjoy the beach. 
- May 2018  TripAdvisor

​Beautiful - This was such a scenic place. And we visited at the perfect time of year . . . Bring your binoculars . . . Great place to have lunch on the beach or at the picnic tables provided in the area. 
- May 2018  TripAdvisor

Always check the point - I suggest a quick stop to every Old Mission Peninsula wine tour I drive for. Historic lighthouse with a beautiful view. A few bucks gets you a climb to the top for the best photo op! 
- May 2018  TripAdvisor

Icy, cold, still beautiful.  Went up on a clear cold day and loved it. There was even a wedding being held on the beach. Brrr! The light and museum were closed but the bathrooms and paths were open. Coolest place on the 45th parallel.   
- February 2018  TripAdvisor

Weekend Getaway with hubby - Enjoyed stopping and wandering around. The lighthouse was closed during the winter but was nice to take a look around the grounds and walk on the beach. Walked out on the ice and took in the sounds of the water hitting the ice formulations. It was cold so bundle up if going out on the beach. If you love lighthouses as much as I do. You must take the time to stop and explore.   
- February 2018  TripAdvisor

Amazing Drive and Scenery - Quaint Lighthouse and Historic Building . . .   We drove up here for the day to hike the Mission Point Lighthouse trails. It was so beautiful! While we normally choose this destination in the summertime to hike and bike, we wanted to see what it was like in the winter. It was so worth the drive. It is very quaint, and historical, and there are trails to hike with amazing views. Very easy to park. You can do this in regular snow boots if you dress warm, but there were people snowshoeing and cross country skiing too.   
- February 2018  TripAdvisor

Worth a visit! - Not as long a drive as we imagined, far less than 30 minutes from Traverse City proper . . . a pretty drive up the lighthouse. The views once there are amazing. The lighthouse is not overwhelming, but interesting in its simplicity and beauty. The day we visited it was very, very windy and spitting rain . . . made you understand the force of nature that it endures and its original reason for being there. Make this a stop when in the TC area.  
- October 2017   TripAdvisor​

Love and Pure Michigan - Always love the beautiful view and silence found at this historic location. Overall if you don't mind great views, and less people than you will see in the city, you will love this location . . .   
- October 2017   TripAdvisor

A "must-do" Traverse City experience! - The drive out and back on Old Mission Peninsula is great by itself with views of both bays, plus there are vineyards and cherry orchards everywhere. Winery tasting rooms are conveniently located along the way to "sweeten" the trip. Make sure to drive along West Bay in one direction, and East Bay in the other. The lighthouse is located at the very tip of Old Mission Peninsula and is a gorgeous spot.   
- September 2017  TripAdvisor

Great view! - We visited wineries all day and ended up at the lighthouse. You can pay $4/person to go to the top. Must be able to climb steps and fit through narrow top passage. View is amazing and the history is interesting. Only restrooms are outdoor. Beach access to the lake. Picnic tables and running water with hose. Some trails also available for hiking.    
- September 2017 TripAdvisor

Worth a look - A beautiful and quiet beach. Lovely to sit and watch the traffic on the lake go by. Lots of wildlife to see. Very relaxing. The lighthouse is very simple, not very sophisticated as a museum and that's what is really nice about it. Easy parking.   
- August 2017 TripAdvisor

Historical, informative and quaint - This is a must-see if you're in the Traverse City area. It's a short, beautiful drive out on Mission Peninsula to see the lighthouse. Don't skip it!   
- November 2016  TripAdvisor

Gem at the Tip of M-37 :) -  This lovely "little" lighthouse is a treat to visit. You can enjoy a simple self-guided tour, including a short ladder climb to the top that holds only three people at a time. The lighthouse is situated right at the beach. Weather permitting, you can stroll there and even swim!   
-  July 2016  TripAdvisor

We were taken by friends to visit this lighthouse. It was very interesting visit. The Traverse City area in general was a very interesting city to visit. The history of the lighthouse and the grounds were well worth the trip. There is also a very nice gift shop in the lighthouse.
-  July 2016  TripAdvisor

Beautiful Drive!  The entire drive up the peninsula is beautiful. You will pass farms, vineyards, and countless cherry trees. The lighthouse is the last stop on the peninsula and the area is surrounded with large trees filled with robins and redstarts.  It's a good area for walking, and the lake access is easy with a beach and shallow water all around for swimming.
- June 2016  TripAdvisor

Very nice, went for a walk on the beach then visited the lighthouse, very nice going to the top, great view.   
- June 2016  TripAdvisor

The Mission Point Lighthouse is about a 16 mile drive from Traverse City. Along the way you will see many acres of cherry orchards and vineyards. Nice little beach and playground. Very historical. One cool thing to check out are the hiking trails on the other side of the road from the lighthouse. Enjoy!  ​ 
- June 2016  TripAdvisor

Something to do even on a cloudy day . . . we did take a drive up the peninsula and enjoy the view. The lighthouse was just restored in a looks fabulous inside. The view is unbelievable it is very much worth the trip down.  ​
- June 2016  TripAdvisor

Lighthouse Lover - I enjoyed the drive to the Mission Lighthouse. It was fun to go inside, as well as enjoy the beach around the lighthouse. It was quite windy and chilly during my visit, but still enjoyed the visit.
​- May 2016  TripAdvisor
Small black dog in life jacket on paddle board looking at lighthouse from water
Everyone enjoys a view of the lighthouse from the water. :)
close up of clusters of ripe red cherries on tree
Trees loaded with cherries in July on Old Mission Peninsula
lots of zebra muscle shells on the beach close up
Shells on the beach.
close up of a petoskey stone showing fossils
Petoskey stones can be found on the beach just south of the lighthouse. Check out the rocky areas in the water.
five Petoskey stones with fossils
More lovely Petoskey stones found on OMP.
Looking up at a snowy owl sitting on a telephone pole
February 2019 along Center Road, male snowy owl
Close up of a snowy owl sitting on a telephone pole
There is a snowy owl visitor on Old Mission Peninsula every winter. (photo by Jane Boursaw - Old Mission Gazette)
Aerial view of Old Mission Peninsula looking North with a dramatic sky
Aerial view of Old Mission Peninsula looking North - divides Traverse City's West and East bays. Lighthouse is at the north end.