Hiking at Mission Point Lighthouse & Park

Mission Point Lighthouse is surrounded by five acres of wooded Township land and hundreds of acres of State land, all with miles of trails. Trail maps are posted in the park. The trails at Mission Point Lighthouse can be enjoyed by anyone; from the avid hiker to a leisurely family day hike. Fat tire and mountain bikers, folks on horses use the trails too, as well as folks with friendly pets. Responsible dog owners can have their dog off-leash if under control. From spectacular views of the beach to deep forest trails, the park has something to offer for everyone. The trails are open to the public year around! The park closes at 10 pm.

Trails at Lighthouse Park are ideal for biking, running, hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, or just taking in the scenery. Some of the trails are very old, and if you look carefully, you might be able to find a few old “Indian Trees” that marked the trails so long ago. (“Indian Trees” are those that were bent purposefully by Native Americans to mark the trails; they are typically quite obvious, as they have a severe bend that does not appear natural). Trails are marked and maps are posted at each trail head. Even in the winter, trails are well marked, assuring a safe and fun day trip. 
PictureAerial view of Old Mission Peninsula with lines drawn on park pathways
Lighthouse Park Trail Map posted along the trail, follow green signs/numbering
little black dog wearing life jacket standing on a paddle board in the water
Enjoy the shallow clear water after hiking the trails.
close up bouquet of Trillium flowers
Spring Wildflowers
Trail to beach through trees
Trail to the Beach
Porcupine hiding under log
Hiding porcupine . . .
snowy owl sitting on a log
Snowy owl on Center Road March 2016.
black dog standing on trail through forest
Friendly furry friends of responsible pet owners are welcome on the trails.
close up snowy owl sitting on top of telephone pole
Snowy owl - winter visitor
sandy trail through beach grass heading to bay