Special Events/Wine Fundraiser/ Weddings

Michigan Lighthouse Festival logo red blue beige
Michigan Lighthouse Festival
​August 2020 is in Traverse City
Hosted by our Mission Point Lighthouse 

In honor of our 150th Anniversary celebration, we are hosting the Michigan Lighthouse Festival. The festival will be August 7 - 8, 2020. The Michigan Lighthouse Festival celebrates Michigan Lighthouses and their contributions to our unique state history. Event begins at a special dinner at the Turtle Creek Hotel with unique entertainment by Joseph Smith as Augustin Fresnel, inventor of the fresnel lens, and more! August 7 is also National Lighthouse Day!

Two custom wood ornaments of lighthouse
Dinner guests to the 2021 Michigan Lighthouse Festival will receive a unique exclusive custom wood ornament to commemorate this special event.

Artwork of front of Mission Pointr Lighthouse blue orange sky
The 2020 Wine Label Art Competition winner
​is Ruth Forrest!

This beautiful artwork of Mission Point Lighthouse done by
Ruth Forrest and is on the lighthouse wine available at
Bowers Harbor Vineyards.  www.bowersharbor.com

Support Mission Point Lighthouse
From every bottle sold of the lighthouse wine, some money goes directly to the Mission Point Lighthouse for restoration projects and volunteer benefits. You can support this lighthouse with your wine purchases! This is one of Michigan's most popular Pinot Grigio wines! It makes a great gift too.

Orchard blossoms rows of trees
​CANCELED FOR THIS YEAR!  Blossom Day on Old Mission Peninsula

Every May, about 2.6 million cherry trees are adorned with fragrant creamy white blossoms that fill ridges above the region’s cobalt blue waters. It is one of Michigan’s great secrets, because it happens a few weeks before tourists typically head to Traverse City, in the northwest corner of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

Blossom Day event on Old Mission Peninsula celebrates with special time of year.  Traverse City proudly calls itself the Cherry Capital of the World with 75 percent of the country’s tart cherries — used in pies, pastries and jams — being produced within a few miles.

It’s home to a week long 150-event National Cherry Festival in July, and stores like the Cherry Republic sell lots of goods. It has been reported that visitors can purchase 370 cherry food and drink items in Traverse City.

The first cherry trees were planted on the Old Mission Peninsula outside Traverse City by Presbyterian missionary
​Peter Dougherty, who came in 1839 to work with the Ottawa tribe.

First to blossom in May are 600,000 sweet cherries. A few days later, 2 million tart cherry trees follow.

Unlike the ornamental cherries that are familiar to visitors of Washington, D.C., the Michigan blossoms are pure white. From a distance, some trees seem to have a pink hue from red twigs, while others look greenish from emerging leaves.

WEDDINGS at the Lighthouse 
The Peninsula Town Board has determined that the Lighthouse is no longer to reserve areas on the lawn and beach front for any type of private event. This is a public space. You are welcome to have your wedding on the beach, but it must be a spontaneous brief event with few people in attendance (15 or less). Of course, no cost involved as well. There are, however, park regulations that need to be followed by any users seeking to hold a gathering in the property. For example, you may bring a “couple” of chairs for your guests that need a seat, but large structures such as tents, benches, and rows of chairs are not allowed. All members of the wedding party MUST respect the other park visitors and have NO authority to break park rules or control other visitors' behavior or experience. Must not block the entrance of the gift shop either. If further questions, contact the Peninsula Township Planning and Zoning Department for more information at (231) 223-7314Police will be called for any one who chooses not to abide by these rules specified here. Keepers must immediately contact the Lighthouse Manager and/or police if wedding party does not comply with the rules.

Donations to the Mission Point Lighthouse are encouraged from the wedding party.

Personal Memorial Events at the Lighthouse
We do not encourage memorial events at Mission Point Lighthouse public park. These are very personal events and should be done in private not at our public park.