From Keepers Daily Records

The following are chosen excerpts from the Keepers’ Daily Log. Read these to get an idea of what the keepers experience when giving their time during their stay at the Mission Point Lighthouse. If you find this enlightening and charming, you may be a perfect keeper for us too!
Big storm at 3am, we went up to the tower to watch it and saw a freighter come into the bay to wait it out.
​A kiteboard washed up on the beach here but it had a tracking device and the owner claimed it.  Sept. 2018

For our week as keepers we had visitors from 43 states and 14 countries, we spent the evenings visiting wineries and enjoying the wine, guitar and jazz music. Sunsets here are just priceless!   July 2018

Weather was cool in the evening but we got in some bike riding to the General Store and beyond.   June 2018

Met lots of happy visitors today from all over the US, Canada, Israel, Italy, UK and more foreign countries.   June 2018

Cool breeze in anticipation of the new day, God is so good to create the beauty around us. Enjoyed immeasurably  the wonderful people that were on holiday and wanted to tour the lighthouse.  May 2018

There were 327 visitors today that signed the guest book, lots of smiling children and it was our first Saturday open. May 2018

Great weather, lots of visitors, beautiful scenery. Had a great time!  Sept. 2017

As soon as we arrived, we were immediately immersed into the goings on of so many wonderful tourists from all over the world . . . if we lived closer, we would come more often and be regular volunteers. Beautiful area with wineries, homes and cottages, but the lighthouse at the lake is the best!  July 2017

Today was clear and a rare event on the horizon; Fata Morgana Mirage! It looks like Arizona with the high mesas. At times it changes and look like a bridge. This phenomenon used to drive sailors crazy!  June 2017

Today the weather was warmer than the forecast. Had visitors from Switzerland, France, UK, Columbia, Mexico and for the first time, CUBA!  June 2017

We had a great weekend, enjoyed locally made ice cream. We had friends over for a cookout and watched fireworks from across the water.  July 4th 2016

The day got hotter and fairly busy in the gift shop – had dinner at Mission Table, fabulous!  July 2016

Summing up the week: had 2381 lighthouse visitors, we visited 7 wineries, 3 breweries and 4 restaurants. Watched the sunset each evening (beautiful!) and saw the space station fly by 2 evenings! Got on the water with kayak and paddle board, saw a wedding and many celebrating anniversaries. Mother/daughter team and we still like each other! This area of the country is beautiful!  July 2016

 On our day off, we visited Leelanau Peninsula. We agreed Old Mission Peninsula is our favorite. Better wine, more class, love the views . . . love this place.   May 2016

Our stay has been a restful and energizing experience - we hope to return next year!  May 2016

Today 186 visitors and we enjoyed lively conversations with people from Australia, California, Ohio and more . . . such laughter sharing stories!  May 2016

End of day, we visited Hawthorne Vineyards for our complimentary wine tasting. Beautiful building with spectacular views of both bays!  May 2016

This is our 5th year in a row we have been keepers at Mission Point. The place looks fabulous and the new simple register system for the gift shop is wonderful.  May 2016

Drove to Traverse City for dinner and stopped at wineries on the way back – the Keeper VIP tag works! Enjoyed FREE wine tasting and more!  April 2016

Ellen relieved us at the store so we could go to mass at St. Joseph’s. Homily was about finding peace in the world that seems against it. This beautiful peninsula is certainly a good place to find peace.  April 2016

 Cooler temperatures and light snow did not keep visitors away. We saw a bald eagle fly over the lighthouse at 10:30am today.   Nov. 2015

 Typical Michigan day. Gale winds and beautiful skies. Always love volunteering here. Will be back.  Nov. 2015
 Fifty visitors today from, CA, OR, IL, OH, MN and TX. Love being here this time of year, you can actually visit. Met couple on “healing” trip, lost their daughter two weeks ago.  Oct. 2015

 Today visitors came in large family groups. Many kids on the beach and picnics near the lighthouse.  Aug. 2015

 After closing the shop for the day, visited Brys Winery open until 7, Hawthorne Winery open until 8 and Bonobo Winery open until 9 with music and watched the sunset on the deck!  Aug. 2015

 I’m always amazed how many people from other countries. Just this week: England, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Australia, Japan, France and Netherlands!  Aug. 2015

 Third wedding on the beach in two days. Fun!  Aug. 2015
woman on swing set on sand beach
Keepers have time for fun :)