Donate to Mission Point Lighthouse

new white arbor built at fence similar to historic photos from 1910In 2018, this sturdy arbor was built by a local contractor and resident Randy Williamson for the lighthouse and was designed to resemble the arbor in historic photos from 1910.
There are many things that we could use to help achieve our goals of preservation, restoration, and interpretation. Donations can range from individual items, to volunteer hours, to monetary support. If you enjoy lighthouses, in particular Mission Point Lighthouse, and want to continue the restoration of this Traverse City icon, there are various ways you can give your support: Visit Mission Point Lighthouse! Bring your friends and family, pay for a tour, and buy a souvenir. If you have donations of items, please first contact the Lighthouse Manager at 231-645-0759 or email at

VOLUNTEER! (and your heart will grow) 

Donate your time:
  • KEEPER PROGRAM - Mission Point Lighthouse needs Keepers - folks who stay in the Lighthouse for week-long stints or more to run the gift shop (or weekends in the off-season).  If you are interested in becoming a Lighthouse Keeper at Mission Point Lighthouse, please click for the keeper application procedures, for the keeper handbook, and for a keeper availability calendar. There is a nominal fee of $200 for the week, (per couple).
  • LOCAL VOLUNTEERS - Mission Point Lighthouse always needs local volunteers who can come in once a week, once a month or once in awhile to run the gift shop for a couple of hours, or be a greeter, or museum helper, or gardener. Contact the lighthouse manager for a brief tour to discuss needs - no initial commitment needed. These volunteers allow the keepers, who sometimes come from as far away as California to have some time off and explore a little of what our beautiful region has to offer.
  • We always need help with minor construction, maintenance, gardening and cleaning projects for volunteers with these talents. If you are a licensed contractor, licensed electrician or licensed plumber and can spare your time we would really appreciate it.
Donate your expertise:
  • Mission Point Lighthouse needs people to guide hikes and to help mark trails along the beach and through the woods, so if you have knowledge about rocks and minerals, geology, plant life, birding, insects, or anything else we might see along one of those hikes, we need you!
  • Mission Point Lighthouse needs historical buffs who can give guided tours of the Log Cabin and lighthouse to school children, during school months and summer months for summer camp kids.
  • We are landscaping areas around the lighthouse, so we need gardeners. Those with knowledge of perennials from early 1900s would be very helpful. Our wish list: hollyhocks, peonies and more.
Lighthouse Wine purchases are a donation to Mission Point Lighthouse:
  • Go to Bowers Harbor Vineyards (or their website) and purchase the Lighthouse Wine, this supports Mission Point Lighthouse funding for projects and volunteer benefits.
Donate historic information (no drop-offs allowed, contact the manager first):
  • We would love to have more artifacts from the 1900-1920 period that we could use in displays, so if you have any old books, furniture, clothes, toys, games, and nautical items, they could go on display for many to enjoy.
  • Photographs, letters, or information about any of the original Mission Point Lighthouse keepers and their families would also be much appreciated.
Donate things:
There are always a few things on a list that Mission Point Lighthouse, the grounds, or the keeper’s quarters need.
Here’s a Lighthouse Wish List:
  • Custom large donation plexiglass box for donation display (will have large table-top replica inside). Cost: $350
  • Small lego lighthouse replica for display - contact manager with questions or for blueprints of the lighthouse.
  • A new slide for the beach. Many children and adults have spent hours on the swings and slide, but the slide had to be removed years ago because it was old and becoming dangerous. A new slide will cost ~ $5000+. 
Donate your money:
  • You can donate funds to a specific project, such as the new education program, trail signs, landscaping, restoration projects, maintenance, visitor use enhancement, playground equipment, etc.
  • Anything you could give would be very much appreciated! The manager has a list of future projects and displays for making the visitors' experience more educational and enjoyable.
  • Michigan residents can purchase a Save Our Lights license plate which funds lighthouse preservation through the Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program (MLAP).

If you have questions, please feel free to call or email. Thank you for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you!
231-645-0759 cell phone Ginger Schultz, Manager | email:  
 |  231-223-7324 (lighthouse)
Mission Point Lighthouse is located at the north end of M-37, a paved state highway. While its a bit of a drive (about 18 miles) from downtown Traverse City, it certainly is a very enjoyable one. In fact, its one of the most beautiful drives in Michigan and the U.S., (and in the top 10 Best Coastal Drive in the U.S. - USA Today 2013) you travel through rolling hills of orchards and vineyards, with views of both bays on either side. Old Mission Peninsula has many wonderful wineries, a few stores, seasonal farm markets, a gas station, a post office, and several restaurants for you to enjoy, yet the lighthouse is located in a spot that will allow for plenty ​of peace and quiet.

Save our Lighthouses license plate white with blue letters and red logo
This is available now to purchase for Michigan residents. Another way to support Michigan lighthouses.